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The Telco Road Warriors website is coming to the end of the road. The target date for shutting down the website is December 31, 2020.

The industry has changed in the past eleven years and with the onset of Covid-19, and it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the website.  We appreciate those who have subscribed and especially those who have been with us since the day we went online in 2009. The site started after the demise of the Roadrunner newsletter that was managed by Joe Maritan. I thought it was important to keep the vendor side of the business informed of the Telco Road Warriors and companies who help stitch the communications industry together. Over the years hundreds have subscribed and we have watched them make career changes, retire and some pass on. It has been a great adventure and career in the telecommunications business and it was a fun project putting this site together. – Chuck Davidson

Starting October 1st we will offer a monthly membership for $59.00.

Changes to Telco Road Warrior Memberships: Starting October 1st 2020 we will be offering 50 state spreadsheets for a discounted  price of $2499.00.

The Telco Road Warriors contact database is for anyone who sells, provides services or needs to stay informed about the ILEC, Cooperative Telephone Companies, Muni’s and Electric companies that provide communications services throughout the United States.

By joining Telco Road Warriors you will have access to 5,000 contacts from 1,000+ Telcos and communication companies in each of the 50 states with the option to purchase a spreadsheet. Contact information includes titles, phone #s, addresses and email addresses. Information on the Telco’s consists of legacy switches, types of equipment, line sizes and number of exchanges and any information we gather. The site is continuously updated.

We have been in business for eleven years and strive to provide you with the most accurate and complete database in the industry.

Thank you,

The staff at Telco Road Warriors

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