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The Telco Road Warriors contact database is for anyone who sells, provides services or needs to stay informed about the ILEC, Cooperative Telephone Companies, Muni’s and Electric companies that provide communications services throughout the United States.

We understand the issues that Road Warriors face on a daily basis trying to maintain your contact data base and scheduling meetings. As you know most of the Telco and Association websites are not up to date and provide little or no information. Let Telco Road Warriors do it for you. Our information is gathered through research, field representatives and input from our members with each contact being dated on verification. We are a web based site only to maintain accuracy and timely information to our members and we will provide spreadsheets of the database for an additional fee.

By joining Telco Road Warriors you will have access to 5,500+ contacts from 1,000+ Telcos and communication companies in each of the 50 states with the option to purchase a spreadsheet. Contact information includes titles, phone #s, addresses and email addresses. Information on the Telco’s consists of legacy switches, types of equipment, line sizes and number of exchanges and any information we gather. The site is continuously updated.

We have been in business for nine years and strive to provide you with the most accurate and complete database in the industry.

Thank you,

The staff at Telco Road Warriors

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$99 for 3 Months
Road Warrior Membership
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$999 for 1 year