Currently employed and living in the Midwest. I am seeking opportunities with a small to mid-size telecom company in the southeast. Do you need a great Operations and/or project team leader with vast inside plant knowledge? I am looking for a long term opportunity with growth to executive potential. I hold a current MBA, and have a proven track record of performance.

My technical background includes TDM, SONET, G-PON, ROADM, DWDM, MPLS, FTTP, carrier-ethernet, metro-ethernet, and DC power. I also have wireless and microwave experience.

Most of all I am a people leader and problem solver. I create repeatable processes, coalesce people and groups around projects, remove roadblocks, and inspire individuals to perform at their best.

If you need a strong leader to help take your business into the future please contact me at jbbrown73@yahoo.com and I will gladly send you my resume and contact information.