Fiber Optic Technician/Fiber Tester

Fiber Optic Technician/Fiber Tester, responsible for testing the end-to-end of connectivity of fiber paths using multiple testing apparatus (OTDR, CD/PMD, OIL measurements,fiber end-face validation) and performing basic site survey.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

– Maintaining Project Schedules
– Performing fiber characterization tests using OTDR, CD/PMD, power meter/laser source and fiber end face testing using industry standard test equipment
– Splicing or re-splicing of problematic fiber strands using industry standard fusion splicers
– Fiber end-face cleaning using multiple methods
– Providing field analysis on Vendor’s fiber network from test data
– Preparing testing packages including:
– Redlining of project documentation including fiber path and demarcation points
– Provide test reports as dictated by vendor requirements
– Managing project field documentation
– Interfacing with vendors to provide remediation to fiber path issues
– Performing site surveys to validate vendor infrastructure deliverables including any issues (not limited to):
– Fiber type
– Points of failure
– Diversity requirements
– Framework and support infrastructure (racks, fiber protection, grounding etc)

Required Experience Knowledge

– Project management and organizational competence
– Very strong experience analyzing OTDR traces, OIL data and CMD/PMD data
– Able to describe the details and structure of ISP and OSP Fiber Networks
– Fusion splicing using industry standard equipment
– Understanding of various fiber types


– High level analytical skills
– Effectively present to team meetings both written and orally
– Identify issues and enact resolutions effectively
– Assist in fiber issue resolution
– Multi-task effectively and maintain project deadlines
– Interface with vendors and develop issue remediation protocols

General Experience

– Minimum 3 years’ experience within a Telecom Network Infrastructure environment
– Able to use any generic office software
– Familiarity with EXFO Toolbox used in the analysis of fiber test data or similar software applications
– Experience with understanding vendor contractual deliverables
– Minimum of two years in a project management or project support capacity directing field resources an asset
– Additional languages a definite asset

Job Type: Contract
Job Location: Ashburn, VA
Required experience: Fiber Testing: 2 years
Required education: High school or equivalent
Required experience:
– Fiber Testing: 2 years
– Fiber Optics: 2 years

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