Field Installation Technician

A Field Installation Technician undertakes the installation of new racks, cabinets, optical and router equipment, or undertakes modifications of existing installed equipment. HEAVY TRAVEL.

Installations are to conform to company standards, following Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) and within defined processes and procedures. Installation of AC/DC power, rectifiers, grounding, and structured cabling is key to this role, as is detail CO engineering, site surveys, and site audits.
– Must have experience with running and testing MPO / MTP cables and connectors
– Experience with the use of optical light source, power meter and OTDR (EXFO, JDSU, FLUKE)
– Background knowledge of Telcordia GR 1275, 1502 and 2981 (fr-19)* Proficient with laptop and windows applications* Proficient with basic command line, equipment configuration procedures
– Experience performing site surveys, developing floor plans, performing site audits
– Pre-project equipment receiving and inventory management and installation planning
– Background with detailed CO Engineering, documentation, CO infrastructure, process improvement, MOPS* Understanding installation of basic configuration and testing procedures
– Installing and Cabling Optical and IP carrier class routers (Cisco ASR9922, Juniper – MX960) and switches (Arista 7500E)* Experience with running and landing AC and DC power
– Understanding of grounding requirements for equipment, racks, facilities grounding, and H-tap procedures
– Experience with installation of mini-BDFD, rectifiers, fuse panels, racks, cabinets on raised floors and slab floors,* Experience with handling and troubleshooting Cat5 & CAT6 copper cables; running, termination, labelling and slack management practices
– Experience with installation of high density fiber patch panels
– Experience with handling and troubleshooting fiber optic cables; structured cabling, cross connects, fiber running, scope, clean, labelling radius bends, and slack management practices
– Experience with Fluke DSX5000 cable analyzer testing (or similar)
– Experience installing and cabling Ciera, Infinera, Arista, and DWDM equipment, a plus

*** Heavy Travel ***

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