Website being Purged

Over the past nine years we have saved contacts in the database to see if they show up at meetings and shows etc. We are taking a different approach and eliminating contacts that we have not seen active in the past two to three years.

We are also purging old contacts that have been in the data base who have retired before 2014.

Let us know of anything you would like added to the website and  please let us know if you see something wrong. Our upgrade to this platform was a large undertaking and we are still filling in a few blanks that were missed on the dates.

We appreciate your subscriptions and download orders.


Staff at Telco Road Warriors


Login To New Website

Please use the temporary password you received by email to login on the new website. After logging in you can  reset  your password to what your old password was or to a new one.

If you cannot locate your email with the temporary password, just click the “Forgot Password”  link.

2017 Update