Dale Maddox

I would like to recommend Telco Road Warriors to any Telecom Sales Professional interested in doing business in the Independent Local Exchange marketplace.
As VP of Sales, I am responsible for the entire US, and I use Telco Road Warriors to

* Find the State Telco Show schedule.
* I use it keep up with the changes in staff in the ILEC territory.
* I also use it to understand more about my potential customers business before I make the first call. TRW does the research for me so I know whether the Telco is moving into IPTV, or they have a Wireless group, what technology they are using, if they have won an award for stimulus monies and are planning a large project etc…

The website is one of my more valuable resources as a Sales person that is stretched too thin (as we all are). If you are an ILEC salesperson, save yourself lots of time by checking out Telco Road Warriors.

Vice President of SalesĀ at Centina Systems